Maintaining the landscape around a strata property not only enhances the appeal of any building, it can also add real value to the property at large. But who is the best person for this ongoing role – a gardener or a mowing service?

Well often the two job descriptions offer different expertise with very different results, so here are some finer details to consider as you ponder the service for you.

Mowing service

Great for properties with large tracts of grass, a mowing service is usually restricted to tending to your lawn and clearing the occasional palm frond.

In some cases that may be enough, but if your property has established gardens or a plan to introduce them then a little more expertise may be required.

A gardener

Armed with skills and experience in areas such as landscaping or horticulture, a qualified gardener may cost more, but is often worth the extra expense.

Gardeners provide more plant focussed skills including knowledge of when to prune and by how much. They also have experience of the best plants to use to achieve the desired effect, along with the best time to plant them, and when to mulch. Some gardeners also offer a warranty on  their work.

Why it matters

It may be tempting to assume one service is as a good as another, but like any maintenance work around a strata property, selecting the right person with the right qualifications and expertise makes a big difference to the end result.

If you’re looking for gardens that add value, appeal and liveability to you property then selecting an individual to undertake this work with adequate skills is essential. And, like any works, it can be more costly to have to go back and fix something later than it would have been to pay a little extra in the first place.


How to pick the right person

Selecting the person to maintain your property is an important part of body corporate management. The end result can be a very real problem or asset for your property. So ensure you do your homework first by asking for relevant qualifications, ref