Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a body corporate?

A body corporate is a property which comprises multiple units or lots, most commonly within the same building or at the same address.

What is a committee?

A committee is a body of people who are elected at each Annual General Meeting of unit or lot owners to act on behalf of the body corporate.

The committee is in charge of managing and maintaining the common property.

What is a body corporate manager?

A body corporate manager is a party appointed by the body corporate to manage the administration and financial duties of a body corporate.

A manager also ensures that the legal obligations of the body corporate are met under relevant State legislation.

What do Select Body Corporate Managers Do?

Select Body Corporate Managers provides management packages that include various committee duties such as maintenance, obtaining quotes, regular site visits, organising trades, and arranging repairs.

What areas does Select BCM service?

Select Body Corporate Managers is based in Brisbane, so predominately services the greater Brisbane area.

Does a manager take the place of a body corporate committee?

No, Select Body Corporate works with the committee but in a way which greatly reduces their time commitment.

How do you appoint a body corporate manager?

A body corporate manager must be appointed via a general meeting of the body corporate – either the AGM or an extraordinary general meeting (EGM).

If you are interested in appointing Select Body Corporate Managers, please contact us to discuss your requirements and we can provide you with a quote, our contract for your building, and relevant motion wordings for inclusion on the agenda of the general meeting.

How do we select the right package to suit our needs?

This requires the serious consideration of the Body Corporate Committee. When making this decision, Committees should asses their needs, time constraints when it comes to property maintenance, and their ability to oversee maintenance tasks.

Select Body Corporate Managers offers a series of packages to cater to all different levels of requirements.

Can we upgrade later?

Yes, however this may require the body corporate to hold a general meeting to vote in favour of the change.

If we appoint Select BCM, can we use our favourite tradespeople or do we have to use yours?

We hear this question a lot. Select Body Corporate Managers doesn’t have its own tradespeople; however, we can certainly give you details of various contractors who we know will do good work for you.

If you have tradespeople you prefer, we have no issue using as often as might be needed. We also offer management packages that include us organising quotes, work orders, and meeting the contractor.

Does the committee need to meet those tradespeople on site?

It is not necessary for someone to meet a tradesperson on site; however, we do encourage committee members to do so to ensure the work is done correctly and satisfactorily.

We understand not everyone has time in their schedule to do this, in which case we offer management packages that include onsite visits, where we are able to meet tradespeople to quote, repair, and inspect completed works so that committee members don’t have to.

How often does Select Body Corporate Managers conduct site visits?

For those committees which have chosen this option as part of their management package, we conduct site visits on a regular basis. Additionally, we attend more often if there is an urgent need to do so.

What are the advantages of select BCM conducting site visits?

Select BCM’s professionally conducted site visits reduce the amount of time and commitment that owners would otherwise spend dealing with body corporate matters.

Another advantage for unit owners is that we provide a fresh set of professionally trained eyes to oversee the property, utilising a level of expertise and experience that many unit owners may not have.

If I live interstate how can I ensure that my investment is being looked after?

Interstate owners are encouraged to be a part of the committee so that they are kept up-to-date with all body corporate matters.

We also offer management packages that include regular site visits, inspection of completed works, organising quotes and repairs, and providing reports to ensure that your investment is well maintained.

Why Select Body Corporate Managers?

Select Body Corporate Managers prides itself on exceptional customer service and attention to detail. Our role is to work with the committee to ensure maintenance and repairs are provided in a timely and professional manner to provide a stress-free property management experience that enhances the value of your investment.