A second set of expert eyes to look over a strata property can be an invaluable resource, and it’s one of the most important services Select BCM provides with our packages.

These regular site visits not only allow us to get to know your property, but they also have very real benefits for the greater strata community.

So what’s involved with us visiting your property and why does it matter so much?

Site visits

As a standard component of our Freedom Package, and as an option of our other packages, Select BCM provides site visits. Using our qualified staff we do this for a number of reasons to assist the body corporate committee, while also improving the value of a building.


Why it matters

Future proofing

A site visit isn’t just about ascertaining what’s happening in a building now but also looks to the future, flagging potential issues before they occur. All our staff have years of expertise in body corporate matters, meaning they can spot an aging pool deck at 50 paces, and a failing fence at a mile. This means issues can be identified long before they become a costly, urgent repair.


Clear communication is a big deal for body corporate committees, noting what expenditure has been outlayed, what works are underway and what may need attention. Site visits enable us to keep committees abreast of what’s occurring within the building and what’s likely to crop up next, allowing the committee to effectively plan for the future and satisfy the needs of all residents.

Clear direction

One of the major reasons we undertake site visits is to meet with tradespeople and outline the full scope of any works required or to audit work completed. This ensures the body corporate is getting true value for their hard earned money and that all works are clear and up to par.

A second set of eyes

When you live at a property it’s easy to miss the finer details of infrastructure or items that you pass by every day. Residents often comment that our visits provide a fresh set of eyes, picking up on items that can improve the value of a property or enhance its liveability.

A visible contact

Importantly, site visits illustrate an active body corporate committee who is attentive to residents’ needs and has pride in their investment. Almost unquantifiable, this allows residents an independent sounding board to discuss areas that matter to them while showing them their representative body cares deeply about their environment.